Anatomical Gift Program

The Anatomical Gift Program at Albany Med enables individuals to donate their body to medical science after death.

Gift program

The donation of one's body after death is a unique and priceless gift which provides the source of knowledge that is the foundation of medical education and research. The Anatomical Gift Program wishes to acknowledge the value of the gift and will be forever thankful to those who have placed their trust in us.

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Anatomical Gift Program
Michael P. Smith, Ph.D., Director
Joshua Lopez, Program Coordinator
47 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

If you would like additional information about Albany Medical College's Anatomical Gift Program, you may call (518) 262-5379 or e-mail us your name and address.


Why I'm Donating My Body To Science

For more information on whole-body donation, call your local medical school or use this full list of programs put together by the Anatomical Board of the State of Florida. A few years ago my mother told me she was donating her body to science. I investigated why this is a good alternative to a traditional funeral. In New York, the Associated Medical Schools of New York help license whole body donation programs amongst medical colleges in the state. These reputable schools serve as a protection against the darker side of body brokers. When I pass on, my body will be going to science. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: